Uplighting is the placement of small “par” lights around the room.  Uplighting can help set the mood in the room or give it a more dramatic feel depending on the color that you go with.  The lights we use at Gatsby Sound & Lighting offer a color wheel setting which allows us to match just about any color that you can imagine.  Whether it be a blush or blue hue, uplighting is the one “extra” that we always recommend to help set the vibe at your Wedding or event.  Battery powered lights are ideal and will typically last the entirety of a Wedding or event.  By using wireless lighting it reduces the risk of your guests tripping over unnecessary cords or wires and also is a cleaner and more professional look

Some strategies for color selection include matching the colors of flowers, dresses, pocket squares, ties and sometimes just a random accent color that works well in the given room.  For Corporate clients matching their logo colors is always a cool effect that adds a great feel to the room.

Another feature of uplighting is the ability for it to move and change to the music.  This can really enhance the dance floor and give your event more of a “club” feel.  Lights around the dance floor can be programmed separately versus those placed around the rest of the room so guests aren’t annoyed by any changing or pulsing colors.

Uplighting surely adds a WOW factor to any room and if in the budget is the one special effect we always recommend clients go for.

If you have any questions about uplighting or other special effects, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email and we would gladly answer any questions you may have!  Visit us at https://www.gatsbysoundandlighting.com/our-services/ to see more about uplighting and other services we offer.